Monday, December 5, 2011


My Uzi Weighs A Ton is a collaboration between Drew Estate Tobacco Company's Subculture Studios and the Joya de Nicaragua factory.

Made at the JDN factory, this much anticipated blend was officially rolled out at the 2011 IPCPR where I had a chance to sit down with Jonathan Drew. After some brainstorming about doing some business with each other, Jonathan mentioned the infamous "Bait Fish" size of MUWAT, a 4x44 that was announced but still in the process. After early feedback from the 60 ring gauge releases of MUWAT, many customers wanted something with some more strength to it. Jonathan felt that Bait Fish might be the perfect outlet for a tweaked blend, and a great smaller project that New Havana Cigars would be a great fit for. Humbled by the offer, I immediately said "Let's make it happen!"

So he sent some blends to compare and we decided on the EF blend (the stronger blend). An initial factory order was placed and we are very proud to have the exclusive on Bait Fish!

Wrapped in paper packs of 5 sticks and bundled in sets of 5 packs for a total of 25 in a bundle, this is a much anticipated release and I think everyone will be quite impressed with the tweak in the blend and especially at this size.

MUWAT is in such high demand that it won't be until January that we will be able to bring the original sizes in. Bait Fish has arrived, though, and will be a great addition to the lineup. Smaller and stronger and available only at!