Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NHC IN 2011

I would like to thank everyone for making 2011 the biggest year to date for New Havana Cigars! As I look back on the year it seems to have gone by extremely fast, yet we have had more excitement than ever. The ELO's made an early appearance and were received so well they were gone quickly, La Verite made history by selling on Futures, we saw the NHC SL Capa come and go and everyone continued to enjoy the NHC SL Natural and Maduro, IPCPR brought a ton of new products and we had them online before the trade show came to a close, we introduced Surrogates as our own brand to rave reviews, had a Monster of a Halloween and brought another NHC exclusive, the MUWAT Bait Fish last month.

The end of the year always brings about many "best of" lists, and this year we saw the NHC SL Capa show up in multiple lists, including position #2 and #3 new cigar of the year. Surrogates made an appearance on at least one as well as an honorable mention and many of the IPCPR releases from our vendors were on the lists of favorites as well.

2012 is sure to bring a lot of excitement as well!

To celebrate a few of the highlights of 2011, we have a couple of New Year specials in our Members Only section online.

A special price on a limited number of Surrogates Skull Breaker boxes and Bone Crusher boxes. 25 of each available.

A special price on a mixed box of 20 NHC SL by Tatuaje, featuring 9 Reservas, 9 Naturals and 2 Capas! Get a chance to see what all the rage was about! 50 available.

YOU NEED TO LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT FIRST, and then the following Category will appear below the other categories on the left side of the site:

Click on the MEMBERS ONLY category online to find the New Year specials. If you don't see the category after logging in, try refreshing your screen or emptying your browser cache, but you should not have to do so.

Once again, THANK YOU for making 2011 a record year and we look forward to sharing some great smokes in 2012!