Saturday, June 9, 2012

Esteli - May 2012

I spent another week in Esteli at the My Father Cigars Factory with Pete Johnson the last week of May.  We were working on a new project for this year's IPCPR in August, but I'll save that for another post.

Besides working all week, there were a few treats in the packaging room that I wanted to share!

NHC SL Capa Especial 2012

Last year, while at the factory, I was smoking a 7th Capa pre-release and I looked at Pete and asked "What would this wrapper taste like on the NHC SL".  We had them roll a couple and both fell in love with them. 

We did a very short run of 70 boxes with the remaining NHC bands and when they came in, they sold out immediately and then became one of the most sought after sticks of 2011. 

This year we did another run, just under 250 boxes of 20, and they were packaging them while I was there on this trip!

This year, the packaging takes on the Tatuaje Limited bands and a new box design with the Limited branding as well. 

I was able to smoke one at the factory and another one when I returned home, alongside one from last year's release. 

They are just as special as I remembered!  The sumatra wrapper really shines on this vitola, exposing the complexity of the wrapper and the blend. 

The red and green of the Limited band on top of the Capa band in gold just reminds me of Xmas!  And they are arriving just in time to celebrate Xmas in July.

Again in boxes of 20, I'm sure they will move fast but hopefully last longer than last year's release!

These are due to hit the week of June 12th, so look for a newsletter announcing their arrival!

Tatuaje Little Monsters

Another release everyone is looking forward to, Tatuaje Little Monsters, was being packaged while we were there!

Featuring smaller versions of each of the last 4 year's Monster release as well as a smaller version of this year's Mummy, the box contains 2 of each stick for a total of 10.

Each box contains a collectible card depicting one of the 5 little monsters, and there is a special, rare, foil card in random boxes. 

I watched them packing these with stacks of cards to randomly pack into the boxes. 

On the last trip to the factory, I smoked 4 of the 5 and loved each one of them.  Very stoked to see these start arriving.

There are 10,000 boxes being produced, so they will start arriving in the coming weeks and will appear in a number of waves as the shipments arrive.

We hope to see a small wave as early as next week, with more following in a few weeks.

With 10,000 boxes floating around, there should be enough to go around, so just be patient.  Many retailers are bringing in a good number of boxes, including us, so if you don't score some the first time around - keep looking!
 That's a LOT of boxes to make their way to the states!