Wednesday, July 13, 2011

IPCPR 2011

Just a quick update to let everyone know that we will be attending the
IPCPR trade show from July 16 - July 20th, 2011. All orders placed
after 12PM on July 15th will be shipped on July 21st.

There should be quite a few new arrivals coming when we get back and
we will keep you updated here.

Fausto, Avion and La Casita Criolla, all from Tatuaje will be on
display at the show and having had a chance to smoke them all at the
factory this year, I can tell you that there isn't an average stick
among them! Very excited to see these in house and get pictures up
for everyone before they are gone. Believe the hype!

Illusione will be featuring some sticks in addition to the -hl- with
maduro wrappers. We had the -hl- maduro in last fall and it was a
huge hit. Unfortunately, we haven't seen them since, so we are
excited to get them again, along with some other sizes! We shall see
what else Dion has up his long sleeves!

EPC has a few new vitolas as well as some maduro sticks coming.

Kurt from 7-20-4 has a new line, the 1874 Series. We had a sample a
few months ago and it is entirely different than the 7-20-4 line.
Looking forward to seeing those soon. Maybe even this week.


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