Friday, July 29, 2011

New IPCPR Arrivals

I took this picture at the Illusione booth at IPCPR, and by chance, the first shipment to arrive from them contains 1 set of Illusione Maduro boxes and multiple boxes of -mkultra-.

New for 2011, the Illusione ULTRA is a different take on the Illusione Blend. The original -mk Ultra- that was released in small quantities a few years ago was a blend that was "a little too strong to sit alongside the Original Document line" according to Dion. To bring it back, he recreated the blend and will release a lineup of Illusione Ultra in multiple sizes, including the mk. Full bodied and strong, the flavors are rich and powerful and balanced, bringing out subtle flavors even with the added strength.

Here's the scoop on Illusione Maduro: The -hl- made an appearance last year as a short run, to rave reviews. That original -hl maduro- used a Corojo wrapper. When contemplating a release of multiple sizes, Dion revisited the wrapper and found the San Andreas Maduro more to his liking for the Illusione blend. So the Illusione Maduro vitolas are the original blend, with a San Andreas Maduro wrapper. Available in -hl-, -cg4-, -88-, -888- and -mj12-.

Since we received 1 set of Maduro boxes on this initial shipment, we thought we'd use them for a killer sampler that will allow you to compare them with their Original Document counterparts. Remember, all of this will be regular production, so we should start seeing them in the coming months, but this is a great preview!

Look for this full comparison sampler to appear at 9am EST on Saturday, July 29th, under the IPCPR2011 category. (Just look for the button on the left of the website) It's $99 (special price) and ships free.

We will list BOXES of -mkulta- as well as 5-PACKS of -mkultra- as well, since we have multiple boxes of that vitola.

I smoked 2 of them today after they arrived, and they are outstanding. Actually, I like it better than the original -mkultra- that appeared 2 years ago. The blend shows off the nuances better, yet it's still a strong stick.

Fausto, La Casita Criolla and Avion along with 7th Capa Especial will be restocked on Monday, August 1st, so you will see ALL of them listed in the IPCPR2011 category at 9AM Saturday as well! Here's your chance to grab a box or 5-pack of your favorite from the new lineup.

We have sent many Tatuaje 9 stick samplers out this past week featuring all of these sticks, and many of you have already been smoking them and asking when boxes and 5 packs will reappear. Well here's your chance! We will have everything listed and they will disappear as they sell out.

We'll have the special Tatuaje 9 stick sampler up as well, again.

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